Clinical Certification Exam in Canada

In order to become a clinically certified Speech-Language Pathologist in Canada, you have to complete the SAC Clinical Certification Exam. While it is not (always) requirement, it is a recommendation for SLP graduates to become certified before practicing. 

The exam covers of 12 different units that are considered the Foundations of Clinical Practice for Speech-Language Pathology. You can find the document by clicking this link

Here are the 12 Units: 

7. Voice Disorders 

8. Resonance Disorders 

9. Fluency Disorders 

10. Augmentative & Alternative Communication 

11. Hearing Disorders & Related Speech-Language Disorders 

12. Dysphagia 

1. Basic Requirements (Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology 

2. Principles of Clinical Practice & Professional Practice 

3. Developmental Articulation/Phonological Disorders 

4. Neurologically Based Speech Disorders 

5. Developmental Language Disorders

6. Acquired Language Disorders

SAC provides students with some great exam resources as you begin studying. Visit their site here to access the resources, learn how to apply for the exam and network for help. Thankfully, an average of over 90% of test-takers pass the exam when they take it according to SAC's historical results

If you're preparing for the test, make sure you educate yourself so that nothing is a surprise. If you study, read the recommended resources and even check out the sample questions, you should have nothing to worry about! After you've passed, you can become an official member of SAC.

Check out this wonderful flowchart describing the process of going from a student member to a full-fledged SAC member: CLICK HERE