FAQ: Should I Keep All My Schoolwork?

Over the years, students collect piles and piles of papers, notes, textbooks and tests. Many students ask, "is it worth it to save all my work?" 

Here are some reasons to keep your work: 

1. To Refer Back To 

If many of your classes are in a related field or build upon the previous class, it will be helpful to save your notes. 

2. Reference Letters

When asking for a reference letter, professors might request to see some of your tests or assignments in their classes. Seeing your work will remind them of your academic abilities and contributions to their class. 

3. Nostalgic Reasons 

If you're proud of your schoolwork and grades, it is nice to save your schoolwork as a memory of your accomplishments. 

Here are some reasons to get ride of your schoolwork: 

1. Simplify and Save Space

As a student, you might be moving a lot and textbooks tend to be quite heavy. It can be easier to get rid of clutter.  

2. Information/Research Changes Quickly 

If you're planning on referring back to your notes, you might be referring to outdated research in only a couple of years and months. Unfortunately, often textbooks release new editions every few years. 

3. Save Money

Textbooks are expensive. You can save a lot of money by reselling your textbooks as soon as you're done using them. If you're looking for even more money, you could also sell your notes (as long as you're showing academic integrity). 


  • Save the textbooks and assignments directly related to your field of interest/degree. (Especially if you plan on asking the professor for a letter of recommendation) 
  • Sell the textbooks from unrelated classes or textbooks you don't plan on referring back to 
  • Throw out non-essential notes
  • Move notes that are on your computer to an external hard-drive, USB or the cloud to clear space on your computer 
  • If you plan on keeping all your notes, organize them in a clear way that makes them easy to categorize and refer back to 

Want to share what you decided to do with your schoolwork? Any other questions to add to our FAQ series?  Comment below!