A New SLP Program in Ontario

McMaster University

I'm excited to officially announce the newest SLP Program in Ontario! Recently, McMaster University (located in Hamilton) has been approved for a program beginning in September 2017

For all the details, you can visit the official page here

How to Apply 

Applications will be submitted through the online application service ORPAS (Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Program) by January 6, 2017. 


You need to have completed (at least) the following 4 courses: 1 linguistics, 1 psychology, 1 science and 1 statistics. Additionally, you must have a 4 year BA degree with a minimum average of B or 75%. 

Selection Process 

First, you will submit an application with ORPAS and then, the top 125 applicants will be invited to attend a MMI (Minimultiple Interview). The goal enrolment for September 2017 will be 28  students. 

It's great to see another program being offered or the many people who are interested in becoming SLPs. Good luck to all future applicants!