Why I Use Google Drive

If there’s one resource that’s changed my academic and personal life, it’s Google Drive.

6 ways you can use Google Drive to make your life easier:

1) Transferring Files

As a student, you may find yourself using different computers: home, library, laptop, desktop, parents’/friends’ computers. A great way to make sure your files are accessible wherever you go is to save them onto Google Drive. Write half an essay at home and then pick up where you left off at the library. You won't have to bring a USB place to place and you'll avoid the risk of losing it with all your important (or personal) information on it.

2) Group Projects

I’m assuming most of you already use Google Drive to collaborate between group members. The great thing about Google Drive is that it updates live, so you can work on PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets or documents with group members in real time.  Using Google Drive can save a lot of emailing back and forth.

 3) Sharing Music

The days of burning a CD for a friend may soon be over, but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing the music that you love. As a student, it can be expensive to buy many albums, therefore if you have friends with similar music tastes, you can both upload albums to Google Drive and share the link for easy download.

 4) Budgeting

Budgeting is important for student life. I use a Google Drive Spreadsheet to budget (similar to Excel) by recording monthly income and expenses. Then, I am able to access my budget from any computer or my phone. If you are someone who uses Excel often for  budgets, expense tracking, scheduling or creating charts, you will be comfortable using Google Drive Spreadsheet.

 5) Sending Pictures

Google Drive gives you 15 GB of free space for Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. (That's a lot!) While emails may have limits on the size of pictures you can attach, Google Drive allows you to upload a folder of photos and easily share the link via email.

 6) Compiling Thoughts and Ideas

Have you ever read a quote or poem that you wanted to keep? had a deep thought that needed to be written down? Google Drive is an easily accessible word processor that you can fill with thoughts, inspirations and goals. I’ve collected charts, recipes, helpful website links, poems and quotes on my Google Drive over the years.


Additional Advantages of Google Drive

  • Drafts are autosaved often, therefore it’s unlikely that you will lose any of your work, and even if your computer crashes, all your information is safely stored online
  • It operates in a web browser, so you don’t have to have a word processor downloaded on your computer
  • You can install Google Drive on your computer and it becomes a folder where you can easily save/drag and drop documents into

Programs Similar to Google Drive:

If you don’t like using Google Drive for whatever reason, there are various programs and websites that offer similar convenience and cloud accessibility. Here are a few I’ve tried in the past before using Google Drive:

Which online storage service do you use, and why? Share in the comments below!