Playing the Waiting Game

If you've applied to graduate school, you've played the uncomfortably long waiting game between submitting your application and receiving a response - and it certainly didn't feel like a game to you. You've had long discussions with friends and family about the process of applying and the competitive nature of the program. Your heart has exploded with hope and your mind has had to rush to catch up, bringing you back to reality. You get stuck in the constant process of checking: check email, check online application status, check email, check discussion forum, check email again. Here are some tips for making the best of that waiting period.


 1. Don't Slack on Your Current Responsibilities

If you are committed to classes or volunteering, finish strong. Sometimes it can be hard to focus on the task at hand when you're anticipating your next endeavour. Don't let the distraction of waiting to hear about grad school stop you from gaining valuable volunteer experience or good grades.

2. Consider What You Could Do To Make Your Application Even Better

Often applicants are not accepted on their first attempt, which means you may need to try again next year. Don't wait to find out that you didn't get in to take more classes or diversify volunteer experiences, especially if you feel like your application was lacking in one of those areas. For example, if you have volunteered with adults, try volunteering with children. Even if you are accepted, you can't deny the value of observing SLPs in various environments.

3. Work

Grad school will be expensive, especially if you plan to relocate to another town, province or even country. Take the extra time you have to get a job or pick up more hours at the job you already have so you can save money. It is ideal to be working in a field that is related to SLP, but not necessary.

Bonus Tip: Stay BUSY! Waiting can be overwhelming and difficult but the last thing you want to do is spend the majority of your days sitting at home, checking your email. I guarantee the time will go by a lot slower. Consider finding a hobby that can supplement school/work and will help fill your time.