What is a Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA)?



The Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) 1 year college program prepares students to assist a registered SLP or Audiologist. After an SLP assess a client and dictates their treatment plan, a CDA would follow and implement the course of intervention set out by the SLP. CDAs work as assistants or techs with a wide range of clients in various settings, including: clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, daycares or schools.


The CDA program is a graduate certificate, therefore in order to be admitted, you must have completed a degree or diploma, ideally in the area of language or psychology. Some programs require applicants to submit a resume, reference letters and/or a statement of intent.


Here is a list of the programs offered in Canada*:

*CDA programs are only offered in Ontario, although there are 2 programs in Alberta for SLP Assistant, which is slightly different 


Read more at The Communicative Disorders Assistant Association of Canada. To see a more detailed overview of scope of practice, visit the links below: